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What’s driving the performance of your ads? Find the "why" behind your wins faster with SuperAds’ intuitive visualizations.

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Instantly generate ready-to-share ad reports designed for seamless cross-team collaboration.

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Go beyond UTMs. Break down ads by asset type, headline, custom dimensions and other unique characteristics to find out what really works.

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Increase ROAS and improve your ad performance with AI-powered analysis and suggestions.

Actionable insights

Already a must-use tool among experts

Jacob Malherbe
Jacob MalherbeOwner , X Social Media
Dan Birdwhistell
Dan BirdwhistellGrowth Advisor, Managed $800mm+ in ad spend
Fredrik Olsson
Fredrik Olsson Digital Marketing Manager, Sana Pharma Medical
Why is it free?
Why is it free?

Why is it free?

SuperAds is backed by Superside. We believe that creative is undoubtedly the #1 factor for success in digital marketing. By providing access to a friendly, fast, creative analytics tool, we aim to show how crucial creative is in driving campaign results.

We want to close the gap between marketing and creative teams. If you need a trusted creative partner for your ad production, consider Superside.

Access to insights should be free. Now it is.